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"When the devastating earthquake hit Armenia, funds and teachers from Europe and America were sent, and people received Transcendental Meditation instruction in the backs of trucks because there were so few standing buildings."

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Kindly forward to Prime Minister Naoto Kan of Japan

From an email, received March 19, 2011:



Dear Sidhas and Governors * of the United States -


As you are all aware, the situation in Japan is critical. The death toll has reached 7,000, with another 10,000 still missing. The devastation from the earthquake is widespread and severe. And while the radiation from the six damaged reactors has been largely isolated thus far, at least two of them remain at substantial risk of a disastrous eruption.

Our meditating brothers and sisters in Japan are calling to us for help. And while we are contributing a great deal through our daily meditations—especially those on the IA Assembly—there is one more very powerful thing we can and must do.

We must harness the Vedic technology of prevention through Yagya. Whereas group meditation and Yogic Flying produce a powerful, generalized, non-directed surge of positivity for the general well-being of society, Maharishi Yagyas create a very focused, concentrated influence of positivity designed to neutralize a specific threat.

To this end, we invite you to join us in establishing a special emergency fund to create a very large, sustained Yagya for Japan.





We need everyone—hundreds of people—to contribute whatever they can. This will be vastly more powerful and effective than what the general public can achieve by contributing to rescue efforts and similar, classical approaches. Only we have the knowledge of how to engage the managing intelligence of Nature so directly and so powerfully. And with that knowledge comes the responsibility to act.

The Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation, with the Shankaracharya as its Patron and Maharaj Adhiraj Rajaraam as its President, was established by Maharishi to support the Vedic Pandits in India and to perpetuate the Vedic Tradition, including the Vedic technologies of Jyotish and Yagya. For the special purposes of this global effort to bring immediate and lasting relief to the people of Japan, this 501c3 charitable fund will be used.



With a contribution of $1,250 or more, your name will be acknowledged in the Maharishi Yagya Performance, and we will provide you with special guidelines to follow during the days of the performance.

Please send your donations today. Include your name and address, and you will receive a letter acknowledging your tax-deductible gift.


Donations by Check:


Payable to: “Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation” 
      Denote: “Yagyas for Japan”


Mail to:

Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation
PO Box 2316
Fairfield, IA  52556



Online credit card donations:


Go to

At the top of the page, choose “Let my donation be used where it is most needed.” At the bottom of the page, click the bar that says “Give your gift in honor or memory of someone.” In the section that opens up, choose “in honor of” and in the first name box, type “Yagyas for Japan.”

(For bank wiring instructions, please contact


With deep gratitude on behalf of all the citizens of Japan,

Jai Guru Dev

Raja John Hagelin, Raja of America
Dr. Bevan Morris, Prime Minister, Global Country of World Peace
Raja John Konhaus, Raja of Japan
Raja Harris Kaplan, Raja of India


(12:01 P.M., 03/19/2011)



* Sidhas - Practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, and of the advanced TM-Sidhis program, including Yogic Flying. Governors - Those Sidhas who also are trained teachers of the Transcendental Meditation program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.